THE EGG TRICK starring Sir Ian McKellen is based on a magic routine that was created by the American stage magician Howard Thurston in the early 1900s. 


Thurston would invite a young boy from the audience to join him onstage and he would then proceed to pull a large number of eggs out of a top hat and hand them to the boy. 


One-by-one Thurston would pull eggs out of the hat and hand them to the boy who would desperately struggle to keep hold of the ever-growing pile.


By the end of the routine the stage floor would be covered in smashed eggs.


The act was later performed by the legendary British magician David Devant who was the founder of The Magic Circle. 


It was Devant who made the trick famous and he performed the routine at the first of his Royal Command Performances, causing Queen Alexandra to laugh out loud.


THE EGG TRICK was filmed at The Magic Circle.